RV, Motorhome, Travel Trailer and Campers Financing in Saskatchewan! Sherwood RV Loan Specialists are serving Saskatoon, Regina, and Saskatchewan.

Yes, our RV dealership located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, however, we provide a camper, travel trailer, motorhome and RV financing services across Canada.

Get Camping and Exploring Canada Faster with Quick Approval RV Loans!

At Sherwood RV, our goal is to make the RV Loan process simple, fast and fun for campers!

Summer is short, and we understand that you've made a decision to purchase your camper and now need to finance it and want to get on the road fast.

Sherwood RV loan processing is designed to save you time and get you out in the outdoors, in the wilderness faster.

Check out some of the key benefits of shopping at Sherwood RV:


  • Low-Interest Loans on all RV Loans & Camper Trailer Financing!

  • Canada Wide RV Financing & Delivery

  • Industry's leading RV Financing Rates Saving You Thousands of Dollars!

Get Camper, Travel Trailer or RV Loans That Suits Your Budget!

Buying your camping vehicle is a big happy decision, and we do not want a loan application and financial paperwork to ruin the fun of purchasing your camper.

Sherwood RV makes that even more fun by offering loans that are:


  • As long as 20 years in term.

  • You can finance and get a loan on a used RV that is up to 12 years old.

  • We work with major banks and credit unions to make sure you are paying low interest.

  • You don't only get a loan on RV - we finance Motorhomes, Campers, and Travel Trailers!

  • We ship anywhere in Canada!

  • Whether you live in Alberta, Manitoba or British Colombia you can shop at Sherwood RV and finance your RV enabling you to save thousands of dollars in interest!

Easy Approval Recreational Vehicle Loan Company in Canada!


Don't worry if you are not in Saskatoon. You can still get approved for an RV Loan as long as you work and live in Canada.

We work with major lenders that include banks and credit union to make sure you get the industry-leading interest rate on the RV Loan.

We do so much business to the banks, which makes it easy for us to negotiate a better finance rate for you than any competitor.



Why Apply Now For Recreational Vehicle Loan at Sherwood RV?

The loan you get is just like a mortgage. Amortization period if 20 years and five years in the customary term length.

Low-Interest Rates! Which alone will save you thousands of dollars!

Pay off your loan faster with extra payments anytime or a large lump sum payment. No penalties for paying off the RV loan faster.

Do you see yourself camping in a Rockwood, Salem or Windjammer? It is easier than you thought!   

Feel free to shop around for Camping Accessories and Travel Trailer Insurance to the loan! Add all that you want and pay monthly!

How about the after purchase services?

We highly recommend protecting your RV investment with a protection package.

Plus, we are a full-service dealership and have Certified RV Technicians who will work on maintaining and repairing your Recreational Vehicle shall needs be.

Get The Best RV Finance Rates Canada

Yes, at Sherwood RV the RV Finance Managers work for you and not for the bank.

Unlike banks, where your application is open to only one bank, our financial advisor has access to multiple lending organization ensuring you get the best finance rates on your RV loans.

Motorhome Financing, Camper, and Travel Trailer Loans

You deal with specialists whose job is to secure a low-interest motorhome, camper, and fifth wheel trailer loan.

Our RV Finance Managers are expert and understand the RV finance business. Their experience and knowledge is a great asset that our customers find benefit them in securing a low interest loan on their rv purchase.


The biggest benefit of being a Sherwood RV Customer!

Free of charge off-season storage offered to all our customers!

Sherwood RV is a Full-Service Dealership which means you have access to Certified & Trained RV Technicians to work on your RV investment.

A large parts department and RV parts specialists who help you find the right part when needed for repair.

Camp in style with our large selection of camping accessories selection.

Call our dealership for details today.

Drive away with your new camping toy and apply for RV Loan.


Peace of Mind - Check Out Our Reviews - SGI Insurance Claim Work By Certified Technicians!