How To Turn A Motorhome

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You have undoubtedly heard this before, but before hitting the road in your spanking new or used motorhome, head out to a high school parking lot on a Sunday, set up some cones and practice. Make sure the lot is big enough to practice turning, however, because depending on how big your motorhome is, you may or may not have room to make many turns.

Through experience you will get the feel of how much space you need to pull forward before turning. This is the most valuable lesson you can learn about turning your motorhome. If you turn at the last minute, you will not have room and won't be able to maneuver your vehicle. Sudden, powerful turns can even make you run the risk of tipping over. If you want to turn, make sure you overtake your desired spot by at least a couple if not three lengths of your motorhome before attempting a turn. This will give you plenty of room for your turn to be successful. Use the mirror when turning and your partner in the passenger's seat can also be valuable in informing you of spots you might have missed or obstructions in the way.

"Vigilance and patience is required, but before long, you will be turning like a pro".


When turning your motorhome, you may have to overtake other vehicles to ensure the way is clear. You might be tempted to accelerate, but be patient. A motorhome cannot accelerate the way a regular car can. Don't panic if you miss your turn the first couple of times you are on the road; you can always backtrack. The most important thing is to turn safely. Mirrors are especially important because novice motorhome drivers can slam the back of their vehicle when they turn if they aren't careful. Vigilance and patience is required, but before long, you will be turning like a pro.