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Purchasing a small camper

5 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing A Small Camper in Canada

It's true: A mini camper or a small camper that's hitched to a large, mid-size truck or SUV is a great way to camp in Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia.

This camping style and concept is not only limited to the Western Canada outdoor lovers, but you can also certainly go far and check out the world's popular destinations such as the Grand Canyon in the US.

A small, yet lightweight trailer can provide many amenities that would help you feel quite comfortable at a campsite, in the woods on private land, an RV Park or a fancy tourist spot such as Prince Albert National Park.

This post will help if you are shopping for a small camper online and reside in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton or Vancouver.

Five bite-sized tips on how to purchase the best small camper and key things to consider prior to making the purchase:

Tip 1 for Canadian Campers: How to Pick The Right Camper Size To Fit Your Needs

When buying that camper, size does matter. If you expect to just it the road with two or three people, a small, lightweight camper is an ideal choice. Plus, the costs to buy a small camper versus one that requires a heavier towing capacity should be considered. You can find small campers for sale at super affordable prices and built by an established brand Prowler by clicking here.

While there are folding pop-up campers and non-fold up campers, by doing thorough research, you can find both types of small campers for sale.

The best tip when considering camper size is to ask yourself and others how the camper will fit your needs today and potentially in the next five years.

Tip 2 - Choose Your Amenities Wisely

In this day and age, those tech-loving types may still can to stay connected online 24/7. The best news is there are plenty of amenities available with both small campers and pop-up campers. All of your smartphones or tablets can be charged based on the small camper that you choose. Choose from digital media options that include Bluetooth technology to stay connected.

For those who enjoy the thought of going "off grid" from technology for a while, there are plenty of other amenities like space for a king sized bed, toilet and shower combinations, cook-top stoves, cubic foot refrigerators, convection microwaves, digital TV antenna hookups and more. Looking for that dinette table that converts into a bed, there is a small camper for sale with the floor plan you desire! Indeed, it's all about choosing a camper that provides you with some of those wonderful amenities of home that can be customized to your liking.

Another feature to ask your Sherwood RV Consultant is how you can haul all the bikes that you carry on a small camper.

Tip 3 - Calculating The Gas Mileage

Choosing a lightweight camper compared to full size compared can save you a lot in fuel.

While there are some small pop-up campers which you can tow with a car or small SUV that are under 2,000 lbs and even include an outside shower, based on the floor plan, any camper that is under 5,000 pounds is a good choice. If you can haul any pop-up camper with an electric vehicle, you could very well be on your way to saving more than towing your home away from home with a gas-powered car, truck or SUV.

Talk about being economical!

Tip 4 - Consider The Camper's Width And Length

Yes, as much as there is a need to look over those floor plans, the amenities and high tech features.

The width and length of your camper should be noted when considering purchasing one.

Think about every aspect, where will you part it. If you are going to store it during winter months, how much will it cost you and do they charge by the size of the camper?Of course safety first, the small camper you are interested in can it be towed by the vehicle you own.

Tip 5 - Consider A Camper Warranty

While buying a used or new small camper you have a few choices available.

Now consider the condition and the mileage that has been put on that camper, if it is a used one.

It is best to make sure that the camper you are interested in comes with a camper or RV warranty, especially if it is a used camper.

Choosing a camper that is not a "rolling lemon" and has a warranty or an extended warranty to cover any defects is key.

In conclusion, there are many types of small campers for sale, but these five tips can help set you and your camper on the right path to enjoying the great outdoors that our Canadian landscape has to offer with your family and friends.


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