RV Service Specials


'Bronze' Special: System Flush, Check Water Pump/Valves.
'Silver' Plus: Includes Bronze, Propane/Electrical Systems Checked/Tested, Exterior Seals Check, RV Checklist.
'Gold' Total Package: Includes Bronze/Silver, Running Gear, Repack Wheel Bearings, Check Brakes, Full RV Checklist.

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Bronze service includes - Flush water system, check taps, toilet seal, bypass valves, city water connection, test water pump, check filters.

Silver service includes - Bronze package, Propane system test (including furnace, fridge, water heater, stove/oven), Electrical systems test (12VDC charger, battery load test, 120VAC fridge, 120VAC water heater, air conditioner), Sealants check (roof, windows, moldings)

Gold service includes - Bronze and silver packages plus Running gear check service (Repack 4 wheel bearings, check brakes, break away cable, running lights, condition and pressure of tires)

*Prices subject to taxes and shop supplies*

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