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Camping In Waskesiu

It has been said that when away from nature for a period of time, a man's heart hardens. On the advice of my friends at Sherwood RV, I drove to Waskesiu Lake for some R and R. I could feel the lakeside sun melting mine as I drove up the SK-264 W. Waskesiu, one of the crowning glories of Prince Albert National Park, is a treasure that most folks overlook when they plan their vacations and it a real shame.

The best lakes in Canada are found in Waskesiu. There is nothing I find more relaxing than spending an afternoon on a boat in the Narrows Marina. The location is secluded and a perfect spot for fishing. It offers a quiet alternative for folks like me who just want some time to sit and contemplate life. With the kids in tow, I head out to the Hanging Hearts Marina. It is an ideal site to help children learn to foster a love of nature. There are beaver lodges and nesting eagles for the kids to marvel at and, of course more fishing. For those who wish to improve their technique when it comes to filleting their own fish, there is a fish filleting shack located on the grounds.

The trails and touring options available in Waskesiu are unbeatable! There are a number of interpretive tours which allow visitors to truly appreciate the heritage and culture of Waskesiu. The Voyageur Canoe Adventure recalls a time when waterways were the highways of Canada. Each canoe seats between 4 - 8 passengers, so this is a great activity for families or student groups. The tour to Grey Owl's cabin is also a great way to experience Canadian history. Beginning with a scenic hike, the tour continues on the Kingsmere Lake, where the group will enjoy a specially prepared picnic lunch, courtesy of the Waskesiu Park Services. From there the journey continues the hike to Beaver Lodge on the Shore of Ajawaan Lake. Our tour guide showed us the graves of Grey Owl and Shirley Dawn and we explored the cabin?s surroundings, steeped in the area?s history. It is an all-day excursion-perfect for visitors with a sense of adventure- it takes about 9 hours to complete. If you are looking for a way to spend a full day trekking the wilds of Waskesiu, then this is an excellent option.

After spending a short time in Waskesiu it is clear to see why it is called "Saskatchewan's Playground." And there are only two rules in Waskesiu: enjoy your time and come back soon.

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