Winterizing a Travel Trailer: Everything You Need to Know

Winterizing a Travel Trailer: Everything You Need to Know

Traveling around in an RV can be an exciting prospect. You can go where you like without having to pay hotel bills or worry about finding a house-sitter. But when the weather starts turning cold, there are several steps you need to take to prepare your trailer for winter.

Winterizing a travel trailer is mostly a matter of managing the water in your system so it doesn’t burst the pipes. Read on to learn more about how to get your trailer ready for the colder months and whether it’s worth it to stay in your trailer through the winter.

Decide Whether to Winter in Your RV

If you want to, it is technically possible to spend the winter living in a travel trailer. But you’re going to have to take a lot of special measures to make sure your trailer is insulated so neither you nor your pipes freeze. Unless you’re willing to work hard at it, it’s probably a good idea to move inside for the winter.

Remove and Bypass Water Filters

After you drain the water out of your RV, you’re going to add antifreeze that can damage your water filters. So remove and bypass any filters at your sinks. When you remove the filter on the sink, you should find a bypass hose you can use.

Bypass Your Water Heater

You also need to bypass your water heater to avoid wasting several gallons of antifreeze flushing it through the heater. If you do not already have a water heater bypass kit, buy one and install it.

Drain Your Water

The first step to preparing your travel trailer for the winter is to drain all the water out of it. Start with your black and gray water tanks, and then turn off your water heater. Let it cool off and depressurize, and then drain it and open all the faucets in the RV to let the rest of the water out of the lines.

Add Antifreeze

With the water and filters out of the way, install a water pump converter kit or disconnect the inlet side of your water pump and put it into a jug of antifreeze. Pump antifreeze through your RV until it flows out of the faucets and shows up when you flush the toilet. Dump some antifreeze down the drain of each sink and then close all faucets and make sure the water heater is turned off.

Learn More About Winterizing a Travel Trailer

Winterizing a travel trailer is an important step to make sure you don’t start your spring off with several costly repairs. Make sure you get all the water out of your trailer, and install bypass kits as needed. Flush antifreeze into the system, but make sure you wash it out thoroughly in the spring – antifreeze is deadly if drunk.

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