How To Back Up a Motorhome

While you are still getting used to backing up your new motorhome, it is a good idea to grab some orange cones, set them up into an obstacle course at your local high school parking lot, and test your ability to maneuver your motorhome in several directions. Now pretend you are backing into a parking space. Ensure there is plenty of space to manuever, that your motorhome is straight and there is nothing behind you. Shift the wheel quickly in the opposite direction you want to travel to straighten up your motorhome, since backing up a crooked motorhome can cause problems. Once you find that you are backed up in the proper position, you can go for another practice round until the process is second nature.

When you drive a motorhome, it is important to use your mirrors. This might sound like an obvious piece of advice, but it is always amazing how often people will crane their necks, contort their bodies in uncomfortable positions to get a good view of the road, or stick their trunks out the windows even in bitter cold days to make sure they can see behind them. When you purchased your motorhome, you must invest in some good, tall mirrors, so use them to your advantage.

It always helps to have a driving buddy. In fact, a driving buddy can save your life. Not only does your spouse, child or friend help you stay awake during a journey but he or she can be your eyes and ears to help you through some pretty tight situations when driving your motorhome. Once you have found a good spot for backing up, have your partner get out of the vehicle and direct you from behind. It is important they stay behind you so they can get a good feel for the depth of the place you are backing up. Try a FRS radio that will enable you to communicate without having to yell. Look at the mirror to see where your buddy is directing you. They should be using signals with their full arms so they can be more easily seen.

Once you master backing up your motorhome, traveling and living in your vehicle will be easy, fun and enjoyable. Don't be intimidated by your motorhome; once you feel confident behind the wheel, it will truly be your home. Videos like this can give you an idea on a simple and smooth technique for backing up your vehicle.